Commercial Strength Deodorising Agent
PARIS is a room deodoriser. It has a powerful odour neutraliser which attacks odour molecules and neutralises them and also contains a pleasant fragrance which leaves a lingering fresh scent. It is ideal for controlling a wide range of malodours including decaying garbage, cooking odours, smoke, animals, body odours and is ideal for use in hotels and motels.

PARIS will work immediately to remove odours. The two stage odour neutralisation/reodourant action controls all odours and is ideal for commercial cleaning, hotel, motel and rest home applications.


  • Appearance: Clear gold liquid
  • Fragrance: Perfume
  • Specific gravity: 1.00
  • pH: 7 (100%)


  • Effective against a wide range of offensive odours
  • Commercial and domestic applications
  • From light house deoderising through to waste bins/skips and dumpsters

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