Commercial Strength Deodorising Agent
ALPINE has a two-stage action to odour control. It has a powerful odour neutraliser which attacks odour molecules and neutralises them and also contains a pleasant fragrance which leaves a lingering fresh scent.

ALPINE is ideal for controlling a wide range of malodours including decaying garbage, cooking odours, smoke, animals, body odours and for use in bathroom/toilet areas. ALPINE will work immediately to remove odours.


  • Appearance: Green clear liquid
  • Fragrance: Fresh
  • Specific gravity: 1.00
  • pH: 7 (100%)


  • Controlling a wide range of malodours
  • Toilet and Bathroom areas
  • Waste bins/skips/dumpsters
  • Vehicles/motels/hotels

Product Sizes

 5lt 20l

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