Deodor 30

Odour Neutralising Agent
DEODOR 30 is a concentrated Odour Neutralising Agent for use in industrial and commercial situations. It can be diluted with water or used in its concentrated form. DEODOR 30 will neutralise offending odours and leave a lingering fragrance. It will neutralise odours from organic waste, toilet ablution areas, animal waste and renderings.

DEODOR 30 will work instantly. Unless the source of the odour can be identified and removed, subsequent applications may be required. Deodor 30 is a premium grade concentrate odour neutraliser. Its powerful neutralising effects eliminate odours associated with organic waste, toilet waste and many offending malodours.


  • Appearance: Clear orange liquid
  • Fragrance: Strong sweet
  • Specific gravity: 1.014
  • pH: 7.0 (100%)


  • Industrial and commercial situations
  • Toilet ablution areas
  • Organic waste odours

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