DEB Travabon Classic

Fat-free skin protection against oily and water-insoluble workplace substances. Make it easier to clean your skin after contact with heavy-duty contamination. Travabon® Classic contain a high proportion of the inorganic solid talc, which forms a physical protective layer on the skin. This protective action has a particularly positive effect where skin comes into contact with organic solvents or substances containing solvents, as well as when working with metal-working oils and glass bre.

Travabon® Classic contain special emulsi ers featuring very good skin compatibility. These emulsi ers act to reduce the ability of water-insoluble substances to cling to the skin, making it easier to clean skin that has been exposed to heavy-duty or very stubborn contamination. Used frequently, the protectant can substantially reduce the amount of strong hand cleansers often needed to remove stubborn ingrained dirt.

Features/ Benefit

  • Contains special soil-suspending emulsifiers: Helps to stop stubborn types of dirt clinging to your skin. You can quickly and gently clean your skin.Reduce the amount of skin cleanser required.No longer essential to use special skin cleansers
  • Silicone-free and non-oily: No adverse effects when coating surfaces
  • Non-oily formulation, with natural lm former: Greater safety when handling water-insoluble workplace substances.
  • With glycerine and emollient: Active ingredients to support the skin‘s natural barrier
  • Contains superior quality ingredients: Good skin compatibility.Minimises the risk of dry skin


To protect the skin on hands and arms where there is contact with oily, water-insoluble substances and water- immiscible metal-working oils.

To make skin cleansing easier after working with heavy- duty or very stubborn, water-insoluble contamination caused by oil, paint, lacquer, graphite, metallic dust, adhesives and resins, and also after working with dry dust. Travabon® Classic is not designed for use under gloves.

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