DEB Stokoderm Advanced

All – in – 1 skin protection against an extensive range of contaminants. Makes it easier to cleanse the skin after contact with heavy-duty comtamination. Thanks to a combination of film building agent, natural wax, and a special emulsifier together with the emulsion base (oil-in-water) Stokoderm Advanced is a universally usable protection cream. Additionally, Stokoderm Advanced makes it easier to cleanse the skin thus reducing stress placed on the skin.



White, perfumed, silicone-free cream. Emulsion type: oil-in-water (O/W).



Protection against oil-based and water-based working materials. Stokoderm Advanced is versatile and suitable for most workplaces. Heavy-duty contamination is easily washed off after use so that no strong cleansers are necessary

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Collections: Hand Care, Protect

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