Tuff Suds

Antibacterial Dishwashing Detergent
TUFF SUDS is a powerful hand dishwash. It has medium foam, and is particularly effective on fatty dishes. The bubbles remain brilliant white throughout the wash. Contains a user safe anti-bacterial agent.

TUFF SUDS can also be used as a cost-effective antibacterial spray and wipe and as a multi-surface cleaner for floors and walls and other equipment.



  • Appearance: Clear amber liquid
  • Fragrance: No fragrance
  • Specific gravity: 1.02
  • pH: 8.0 (100%)
  • Microcide: Triclosan


  • Manual dishwashing
  • Dilutable spray'n'wiping
  • General floor cleaning

Product Sizes

available in 5ltavailable in 20lt

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