Acid Cleaner / Sanitiser
PHOSCLEAN removes mineral deposits, milk stone build up and sanitises in one operation. It also removes surface rusting from ferrous metals and protects against subsequent re-rusting.

This blended formulation includes powerful chelating agents that have a synergystic effect with acid based raw materials to quickly remove calcium, magnesium and other mineral deposits and keep them soluble for easy removal.

The high-foam formula is ideal for manual applications and where there are high levels of soiling. The quaternary ammonium compound sanitizer controls microbial growth including mould, fungi and yeasts.



  • Appearance: Clear colourless liquid
  • Fragrance: No fragrance
  • Specific gravity: 1.28
  • pH: 2.0 (1% w/v solution)
  • Microcide: 100ppm ADBAC (@1% soln)


  • Acidic foaming cleaning/sanitiser
  • General plant foaming chemical
  • Periodic Acidic break cleaner
  • High strength acidic spot cleaner

Product Sizes

available in 5ltavailable in 20lt

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