Oxygenated Presoaker
OXY-SOAKER is a powerful, powder pre-soak for the removal of tea, coffee, and juice stains from crockery, plastics, and cutlery prior to machine dishwashing. Non-Chlorine formulation.

The non-chlorine non-staining formulation means it is generally safer to use (when used as directed) and won’t stain or discolour any fabrics or clothing which may come into contact with the diluted solution.


  • Appearance: White powder
  • Fragrance: No fragrance
  • pH: 10 to 11 (1% w/v solution)
  • Microcide: Active oxygen


  • Crockery pre-wash soak
  • Cutlery pre-wash soak
  • General kitchen utensil pre-wash soak

Product Sizes

5kg container 10kg bucket

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