Oil Clean WB

Waterbased Cleaner / Degreaser
OIL CLEAN WB has been formulated as an environmentally safe alternative to solvent based and non-biodegradable water based cleaning systems.

OIL CLEAN WB uses environmentally friendly, biodegradable components and incorporates “quick break” surfactant chemistry. When used as directed OIL CLEAN WB will effectively remove oils, grease and other soiling from hard surfaces. The oils and solids will be suspended until flushed into holding tanks, separator pits or settling ponds where the mixture will separate to form distinct water and oil layers allowing easy removal of unwanted contaminants from discharge water.



  • Appearance: Blue clear liquid
  • Fragrance: No fragrance
  • Strength: n/a
  • Specific gravity: 1.05
  • pH: 13.0 (100%)


  • Multi-purpose degreaser for cleaning many hard surfaces
  • Service station forecourts & workshops
  • Plant & machine degreasing – truck and train degreasing

Product Sizes

5lt 20lt

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