Cleaner / Disinfectant
LEADER is a powerful, mild pH disinfectant cleaner suitable for cleaning and sanitising hard surfaces such as floors, walls, benches, bathroom and kitchen areas. LEADER perfume leaves a lingering fragrance. It is suitable for cleaning a wide range of soiling and surfaces from floors, walls bathroom and kitchen areas. The powerful disinfectant kills moulds, yeasts, bacteria and fungi leaving surfaces clean and safe. The mild pH makes it safe to use on a regular basis. Available in Fresh, Lemon, Marine & Spice. 200L available for Lemon and Fresh only.



  • Appearance: Fresh-Green. Lemon-Yellow. Marine-Blue. Spice-Green
  • Fragrance: Fresh. Lemon. Marine. Spice.
  • Specific gravity: 1.07
  • pH: 9.0 to 10.5 (100%)
  • Microcide: 175ppm ADBAC (@1% soln)


  • Cleaning / sanitising / disinfecting of hard surfaces
  • Floors / benches / walls / bathroom and kitchen areas

Product Sizes

Available in 5LAvailable in 20L

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