KC4322 - Kleenex Toilet Tissue - Soft 2ply

  • Product Type: Interleaved
  • Colour: White
  • Sheets: 250
  • Dimension: 10cmx20.5cm
  • Ply: 2
  • Packaging: 36/Case
  • Certification: FSC
  • Brand: Kleenex

Kimberly-Clark Professional Kleenex Soft Interleaved Toilet Tissue designed with user satisfaction in mind, delivering high quality absorbency and superior softness with every use.
  • 250 sheets per pack / 36 packs per case
  • Premium tissues with superior softness
  • 2-ply tissue for quality absorbency
  • Hygienic single sheet dispensing
  • FSC certified, sustainably sourced
  • One pack of toilet tissues contains 250 sheets, one case contains 36 packs
  • Kleenex® interleaved toilet tissues provide a luxury feel and superior softness
  • These premium 2-ply toilet tissues ensure high quality absorbency with every use

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Collections: Hand Towels, Paper Product

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