DEB Stokolan Intense

STOKOLAN INTENSE is a intense skin conditioning cream for very dry and stressed skin,it specially formulated to deeply nurture and regenerate barrier damaged, very dry and stressed skin, it contains a multi-structured complex of active ingredients- bee wax, grapeseed oil, ceramid complex, allantoin and urea- to moisturise condition and restore the skin resistance. the highly concentrated formula reduces water loss to help enhance the skin's elasticity. For use in industrial and healthcare environment, especially where employees are prone to very dry or stressed skin.

Features/ Benefits

  • Regenerates barrier damaged skin and deeply nurtures: It particularly suitable for occupationally stressed skin, to regenerate and restore the skin‘s resistance and for the prevention of attrition dermatitis
  • Easy to apply and swiftly absorbed: It can be used on all parts of the body and a day and night care for the face
  • Contains 10 % grapeseed oil: Which contains over 70 % essential fatty acids and helps to build up the lipid membrane of the skin and regulates the skin‘s own lipid and moisture balance
  • Contains Skinmimics®, a complex of highly active ingredients from ceramids, cholesterol and sphingosines: It stimulation of the skin‘s own lipid synthesis, integrates in the skin‘s surface and stimulates skin renewal and enhances skin moisturisation as well as elasticity and revitalises
  • Contains urea und sorbitol: Excellent skin hydrating and moisturizing properties
  • Contains bees wax (cera alba): Which smoothes and protects the skin
  • Contains allantoin, vitamine E and ginkgo biloba: Which promotes cell building and supports cell and skin regeneration
  • Dermatologically confirmed skin compatibility: It very good skin compatibility and minimising the risk of skin incompatibility
  • Silicone free/ paint compatible (lacquer wetting test)/ no negative effect on vulcanization process (DIK-test): It can therefore be used in almost any production process

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