DEB Solopol Classic PURE

Traditional hand cleanser with time-proven cleaning system for heavy-duty skin cleansing. Solopol Classic PURE is a traditional, solvent-free, pH skin neutral hand cleanser containing scrubbing agent. It features a powerful cleansing action coupled with very good skin compatibility. Solopol Classic PURE contains a skin protectant and re-fatting agent. For heavy-duty contamination, for instance from mineral and lubrication oils, graphite, metallic dust and carbon black.

Features/ Benefits

  • With re-fatting emollient: Pleasant skin feel
  • Contains Aloe Vera: Extract of plant with special caring characteristics
  • Contains skin protectant Eucornol: Demonstrably suppresses the occurrence of skin irritations
  • With Astopon (re ned walnut shell powder): Very fine particle size that is gentle on skin, with biodegradable formulation suitable for wastewater treatments, that produced from a natural and renewable resource and easily rinsed away, preventing blocked drains and pipes
  • Non-soapy: Helps to stop the skin swelling
  • Skin neutral pH: Matched to the pH value of human skin, that helps to maintain the natural acidic protective mantle, whose function includes protecting the skin from bacterial and fungal and infection
  • Silicone free no adverse effects when painting surfaces (lac- quer wetting test): Can be used in a whole range of production processes

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