High Strength Sanitiser
CHLOROSAN is a powerful chlorine-based sanitiser for sanitising food premises and any areas where a high level of hygiene is required. CHLOROSAN will be effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi on hard surfaces, when used as per directions. A 2% solution of CHLOROSAN provides 600ppm F.A.C.

A super concentrate blend of cleaners and sanitisers to get food premises to a high standard of hygiene. Contains surfactants for user safety. Surfaces are rinsed after use.



  • Appearance: Clear slightly yellow liquid
  • Fragrance: Chlorine
  • Strength: Sodium Hypochlorite 15% soln 200 ml/l.
  • Specific gravity: 1.06
  • pH: 11.5 (1% w/v solution)
  • Microcide: 300ppm F.A.C. (@1% soln)


  • Mop and rag sanitiser
  • Environmental plant sanisiter
  • General surface sanitiser
  • Mould and mildew control

Product Sizes

available in 5ltavailable in 20lt

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