Akord Maxi 3Pk Refill

CODE: 1552

Sturdy and stretch-resistant,

Akord bag liners are designed to securely hold your
garbage without breaking, tearing or falling apart.

But Made to Biodegrade

In addition to being made with 20% recycled material, the
Janibell liner material includes a proprietary resin additive
that is activated underground in landfills. The result: your
Janibell bags will fully degrade in landfill or underground in
1 to 5 years.

Waste-Free Disposal

There's never any waste of bag material, even if garbage pick
up day arrives before the container is full or the cleaning crew
always empties the trash each day. Each liner tube makes 30
full bags (or many more smaller ones), with the liner's total
length dependent on the size of the corresponding trash
container. So when you buy a 3-pack of liner refills, you're
buying at least 90 bags.

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